Display Stands

Fabric Stretch Stands – Media Walls

Fabric Media Walls are perfect for making a big impression. Printed to a knitted polyester display fabric, the graphic is stretched across a lightweight frame , making set up and taken down a matter of minutes.

The fabric is extremely stretchable so you can easily pull and fit it onto the aluminium frame. The frame is powerfully built so it sustains the hard stretch of fabric for a really long duration. Once you have put the fabric onto the frame, you can secure it tightly with the fabric zipper.

The machine washable fabric will retain the design and colour with no damage. The lightweight yet strong aluminium frame comes with snap lock tubes and is easy and quick to set it up without any extra tools.

The fabric is crease free, easy to transport, matt finish with no glare and easy to set up.  The costs of the stand are very economical and come is Curved or Straight with sizes from 8, 10 or 20 feet.

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