Uses of A-Frame and Sandwich Boards

An A-Frame Board also known as Sandwich Board is a very popular way of advertising the products without spending a lot of money. They are commonly used for advertising about a brand or a store. Therefore, they are usually placed outside cafes, bars or grocery stores declaring their special discount offers. It’s a hassle-free of getting audience’s attention. Moreover, it’s a one-time investment which goes a long way. Their portable design makes them easy to shift from outdoors to indoor whenever required. Now, apart from their usage for advertising or promotions, they are successfully used for other purposes also. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. Safety Signs

A-Frames can be used as safety signs outside schools, playgrounds, and construction sites to intimate the people to be careful while passing along.

  • Roadside Direction Signs

The Sandwich Boards make a perfect tool for direction signs along the road which assure a seamless journey. Apart from this, they are significantly exercised in parking zones to indicate free space.

  • Event Management

Organizing a big official event is not an easy task, especially when the audience is completely unaware of the venue. A-Frames are used in such cases to assist the people with directions and event details at the premises.

These were some important aspects of using A-Frames in day to day life. These are usually placed at sidewalks or footpaths so that the message is prominently visible to the public. We at Swift Displays, design these signboards with some amazing graphics which catch the attention of the people at first sight. You can get them customized in different sizes, designs and texture according to your requirement. For more details about the services, or any discussions, please feel free to Contact Us.